Terms and conditions


The virtual gallery Balice (Fine-Art) just entered the work of masters who are recognized and properly documented provenance and originality.

The virtual gallery Balice (Fine-Art) is not responsible for the authenticity of art-works given in good faith by the consignees. Any objection by the originality of them will contact direct the seller and buyer.

Privacy Policy apply to each work delivered on consignment.

Pictures of the works that will be entered by the owners, should be taken with cameras of sufficient resolution (not cellular), preferably with natural light.


The virtual gallery Balice (Fine-Art) makes formal appraisals taking into account market prices and trends of each artist. It should be noted that the work to be evaluated must be documented provenance and originality. An appraisal of art does not imply certification of the work, it is assumed that the work has been previously verified.

How to start your collection?

When you start any collection you have to consider several factors, but first, we must start asking: why and how start collecting art?

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