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Oswaldo Vigas


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Oswaldo Vigas
1926 Born the 4 of August in Valencia, Venezuela.
1942 to 1951 first individual exhibitions make his and gain his first you compensate in the Athenian of Valencia (reward to the best Poetry illustration, 1942, medal of honor in the first Hall Arturo Michelena, 1943). It makes Medicine studies in the University of the Andes and the Central University of Venezuela, where one graduates in 1951. Form leaves from the free Factory of Art of Caracas and frequents the school of Plastic Arts Cristóbal Rojas. It obtains the reward Lastenia Tello de Michelena in XVIII the Hall Arturo Michelena.
1952 National Reward of Plastic arts rewards John Boulton and reward Arturo Michelena. First retrospective exhibition Museum of Beautiful Arts of Caracas. One settles in París. 1953 Admitted in L'Ecole DES Beaux Arts (factory of Lithography and engraving of Marcel Jaudon) and follows free courses of history of the art in the Sorbona. It is invited to participate with 5 works murals in the project of the University City of Caracas. In its paintings a debugging operates; the human figure is reduced to its structures linear, apt for its transposition to the made murals of Fernand Leager.
1954 fragment Exhibition of Works made for the University City of Caracas in the Musée d' Art Moderne of the Ville of Paris. It exposes in the Pan-American Union of Washington and diverse museums of the United States. It exposes in XXVII the Biennial of Venice. 1955 Organize the participation of numerous artists of L'Ecole from Paris to the great Exhibition of Cuatricentenario of its native City, Valencia.
1956 Expose in the Galerie the Roue of Paris (individual) and in the Gulf Caribbean Art Exhibition of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Houston, Texas, where it gains one of the three rewards along with I spread Moral Bermúdez and Armando.
1957 Expose in the Black Room of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paris. It obtains the Puebla Reward de Bolivar. Individual sample in the Pan-American Union of Washington.
1958 Cultural Aggregate of the embassy of Venezuela in France. He exposes in the Palace of the Inquisition of Cartagena and obtains the reward Acquisition.
1960 Collective one in the Roue of Paris.
1961 Expose in: The Roue of Paris, in the Galerie Neufville Paris.
1962-1963 Numerous exhibitions in Paris, Venezuela, Europe.
1964 obtain the reward Arturo Michelena.
1965-1981 For the second time Exhibitions in Caracas, Washington, Paris, Europe, Colombia, the U.S.A., Peru, Panama, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico.
1982 Collection in Christie’s NY
1983-1991 Expose in México, Colombia, Sotheby´s NY, Caracas, France, California, Monte Carlo.
1992 Order of the Arts and the letters of France and the Medal of Villa of Paris.
1992–2000 Exhibitions in Paris, Maracaibo, Sotheby's NY, Chicago, Tokyo.
2001 FIA 2001. Book by Carlos Silva “Oswaldo Vigas Legend Morning 1993- 2001”
2002 Exhibition Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofía Imber.

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