Venezuelan Masters

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Cromointerferencia Mecánica

Plastic / mechanical engine with an electrical system
Edition of 50
13.3 x 11.8 x 7.5 in.
Denise René edition, Paris

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Carlos Cruz-Diez
Born in Caracas in 1923. He studied in the School of Artes Plasticas y Aplicadas of Caracas between 1940-45. He was publication designer of the Creole Petroleum Corporation, artistic director of the McCann Ericsson Advertising Corporation of Caracas and illustrator in the Newspaper the National. Between 1955 and 1956 he traveled to Paris and Barcelona where he was put in contact with the new abstract movements and studied the scientific theories of the color and the integration of the Arts according to the Bauhaus. In 1957, of return in Caracas, he opened to a study of art and industrial design. In 1960 he was transferred to Paris, where he has lived just as in Caracas.

Known like one the more important kinetic artists of the plastic International, he’s work widely has been spread and exposed around everybody. He’s work is represented among other institutions in the Museum of Modern Art of New York, Tate Galery of London, Centers National d'art Contemporain the Georges Pompidou of Paris, Musée d'art Moderne of the Ville de Paris, Museum of Modern Art of Bogota, Civic Museum di Torino, Museum of Rio de Janeiro

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