Venezuelan Masters

Angelo Di Munno

Pop Art Motion (Edition of 4)

Single piece
Mixed, assembly, movable
16.8 x 13 in.
Certified by the artist

Angelo Di Munno

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. “Every time I start a painting, I previously make a selection of the materials I'll be using; once the selection is made, I allow myself to be carried away by my creativity and imagination. If I’m to explain the methodology of my work, I would need to make a comparison with that of a puzzle; since I ensemble different elements until I’m able to create a harmonious work. My technique could be described as an ensemble - a construction - the union of several techniques.

I utilise a wide variety of materials, mainly recycled ones, which are treated and intervened with before they are used. I'm inspired by materials and what I can achieve with them. The creation of a painting absorbs 100% of my time; once I begin I cannot stop until I feel completely satisfied with it.

I enjoy very much the creation of textures, shadows and forms in my paintings; I believe it adds realism and dimension to the elements. With my work, I look forward to transmitting and demonstrating that one of the best tools of a human being are his hands, and the capacity to construct and create by using them positively. Additionally, I intend to send a message of conservation, since most of the elements I use - such as left overs of wood, fabric, lumber, flasks, sawdust and shavings - are recycled from my previous works.”

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